This line of guns was created for my upcoming third person shooter, Bad Girl. The small quantity of guns is compensated by being different in gameplay and visual style.

Room interior

As a quick excersise, I created an interior of a house, complete with furniture, a TV and small decorations.

Street Jet

A university project where I modelled a car of my own design. The car is designed to be a cheap and compact coupé, in a similar fashion to the Toyota GT-86.


A level I designed and created art for in Bad Girl. The player enters a skyscraper through a parking garage connected by an underground tunnel.

Disney-style moose

Spare time project. An athletic moose designed to look cartoony, yet more aggressive than for example Olaf from Frozen.

Vehicles & buildings (Velocity Stream)

Several vehicles and buildings made for the game Velocity Stream. Some based on cocnept art, others not.