My name is Jakob Holgersson and I'm a Game Designer.

My knowledge has a solid foundation within my education, as I have a Bachelor's Degree in Game Design and a Master's in Serious Games.

My main skills lie within game design. I've familiarized myself with multiple different game engines, such as Unity, Unreal, Source SDK as well as numerous custom engines. On top of that I've got considerable experience, having shipped four games for PC, console and mobile. My most recently worked at DIAB as a Project Engineer and have been in the military.

This is my homepage, where you can see a small selection of my previous work.


Game Design


*Level Design
*Game balancing

*Vehicle Handling

*Play testing

*Adobe Photoshop

*Autodesk Maya

Level Editors

Other software

*Unity 3D


*Source SDK/Hammer

*Microsoft Office

*Source Tree

*Tortoise SVN


Other skills



*Game Maker GML