My name is Jakob Holgersson and I'm a Game Designer.

It's been my dream to work within the game industry since I was in my lower teens. It's the 3D revolution and the prospect of exploring exciting worlds that drew me in. For me, it was a natural decision to study Game Design and my knowledge has a solid foundation within my education, as I have a Bachelor's Degree in Game Design and a Master's in Serious Games.

To date, I've shipped four games, which have come out for PC, mobile and console. There are basically three things that make me tick as a designer: replayability, tactility and the interplay between the game world and the story.

Beyond my skills as a Game Designer, I have built experience in the fields of 3D art and programming, skills that make me an excellent inter-disciplinary communicator. 

Welcome to my page. Feel free to browse through this narrow selection of my work. 

For any inquiries, please email me at Hello@JakobHolgersson.com

For a playable sample of my work, please download the above game, Driftfinity. Please note that the game is still at an extremely early stage.


Game Design


*Level Design
*Game balancing

*Vehicle Handling

*Play testing

*Adobe Photoshop

*Autodesk Maya

Level Editors

Other software

*Unity 3D


*Source SDK/Hammer

*Microsoft Office

*Source Tree

*Tortoise SVN


Other skills



*Game Maker GML




Please visit my