• Engine: Unity
  • Genre: Third person shooter
  • Status: WIP
  • Last update: January 7, 2019

Bad Girl is a single player third person shooter intended to be a throwback to games and movies of the 90's. Players take on the role of an undercover cop as an unknown criminal mastermind throws the city into a complete state of chaos.

A simple shooter at heart, the game features four weapons, each with a secondary fire mode as. Most of the game takes place in the Asuhara Skyscraper.

Bad Girl is a pseudo-solo project I took on to display my range of abilities, including design, art and programming. The only things I haven't done myself are skinning and audio assets.


Terminal is the fifh level in the game. Most of the game takes place on the different floors of the Asuhara Skyscraper.

In this level, players gain access to the skyscraper through first the garage and then the ferry terminal that's on the bottom floor.

1: Spawn point
2: Gate
3: Button 1
4: Button 2
5: Button 3
6: Terminal view
7: Arcade
8: Electronics store
9: Café
10: Kiosk
11: Elevators
  1. Spawn point:Players start at the entrance to the garage, hidden behind an SUV.
  2. Gate: Your path is blocked by a gate which opens once three power switches are turned on.
  3. Button 1: The first button is found inside the ventilation room. Players need to make their way through a few narrow hallways and small rooms.
  4. Button 2: The second button is found
  5. Button 3: The third button is found inside the stair room. Initally intended to be the hostage escape point.
  1. Cutscene: Once all buttons have been pressed a cutscene is displayed, advancing the plot.
  1. Terminal view: Once the gate is open, players gain access to the large ferry terminal. This is a large, fairly open area broken off by a wide variety of objects.
  2. Arcade: What 90's ferry terminal is complete without a game arcade?
  3. Electronics store: The electronics store is another place where numerous hostages are being kept. Shelves creates cramped areas where enemies can get the jump on you.
  4. Café: The café provides cover, as well as
  5. Kiosk: One final confined area to fight within and find hostages to save before the end of the level.
  6. Elevators: This is the end point of the level. Once a preset ammount of hostages are rescued, the elevators arrive and a final wave of enemies comes out. Enter one of the elevators to beat the level

Planning & early progress

This level started out as a basic pen and paper sketch.

From the very start, the level was intended to be divided into two areas seperated by a gate. This was partially intended to be an homage to the garage level of Die Hard Trilogy (PS1/Saturn).

Practical development began by simple grayboxing. Being the very first Bad Girl level to be developed, it's been used as an area where I've tested all of the game mechanics.

Current status

The level has come a long way. Layout has been finalized and most art assets have been created and implemented, with a few exceptions.

Over numerous trials and adjustments of both the layout itself, as well as things like AI and weapons, I've achieved a fun flow and a desirable difficulty curve.

Upcoming changes

Before the level will be considered finished, a few additions will be deemed necessary. Many of the improvements made during the development of the Agency level will carry over to the Terminal.

This means carrying over the improved AI and gunplay. Also, for the Agency level, numerous electronic props were created to realize the sensation of an office. These will be carried over to the electronics store.

As is the case with the Agency level, a major upcoming improvement is an increase in enemy variety.

To make the level more intuitive and less linear, some corridors in the garage portion of the level will be redone to be more intuitive. Back tracking will reduced, and the different rooms will be interconnected. Lighting will also be used to improve navigation.

Updated Sept 8 2019