This page covers a range of the projects I've previously worked on.

Commercial releases are games that were released for purchase. Other projects include  school projects and other games that didn't see a monetized release.

Release: 2015

Format: PC

A unique racing game where one player takes control over a spacecraft that flies through the environment, leaving a trail of energy in its wake, while the other players race on said road.. In Velocity Stream my main job was that of project manager and designer. However, I also took on some of the art, resulting in me creating a few of the in-game vehicles, as well as all art assets on one level.

Fun trivia: this game was one of four nordic submissions for Dare to be Digital to move on to the second stage of the competition.

Release: 2010

Format: PC, Xbox 360, PS3

A cutesy sidescroller with charming graphics, designed around the guitar controller. Defeat enemies by playing brilliant jams!

During the development of Fret Nice, I was an intern, participating in the QA process. This familiarised me with the TRC/TCR demands for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Release: 2013

Format: iOS

Lovetender was my first endeavour with Cavelight Entertainment. As such, I managed the production of the game.

Lovetender is a mobile puzzle game where players take on the role of a bartender who pushes shy singles out onto the dance floor so they can meet the love of their life. The game features 30 different puzzles to solve.

Release: 2011

Format: Xbox 360

In this colourful twin stick shooter, up to four Spartans invade the suburbian paradise of Candyland. In this project, my main job was to work as an artist.

Developed: In development

Format: PC

A solo project intended to display my skills and my versatility as a game designer, as well as my skills in art and programming.

A third person shooter that pays homage to the games and films of the 1990's.

Developed: 2015-2016

Format: PC

Developed during my masters studies, this game aims to spread knowledge on the ongoing migrant crisis. The game is a turn-based strategy game where players are put in the shoes of a man who must escape Damascus with his daughter.

Developed: 2010

Format: PC

SiS was an FPS created to evaluate non-narrative methods of telling a story. The game is based on the Source engine and features custom art as well as scripted events. Developed by myself over a period of two months.

First release: February 2020

Format: PC

An infinite-style casual game where players drift down a procedurally generated mountain for score.

A solo project where I was responsible for design, code and art.

Click the above image for a link to the latest playable version.

Developed: 2013

Format: PC

Created during a gamejam, Explosion man is a stylised runner game. In the game, the player takes on the role of the titular character, Explosion Man, a superhero who explodes whenever he gets in touch with anything in the environment. Pick up milk bottles and cause as much destruction as possible as you traverse the environment. During this project I took on the role of designer, as well as artist.

Developed: May 2009

Format: PC

A 3D puzzle/platformer game where the player takes control of a babushka doll. Worked as level designer and puzzle designer.

Developed: 2016

Format: PC

First envisioned as a gamejam game, Crazy Dozer was then turned into a full game, tributing the fun arcade games of the 90's. In Crazy Dozer, I not only took on the role of a the lead designer, I was also the main artist

Developed: 2011

Format: PC

A small hot-seat, turn-based 2D strategy game. During this project I was a 2D artist as well as doing some limited design work.

Developed: 2008

Format: PC

Fish Fight was the first game I ever worked on. In this project, I was the lead designer. It's a simple deathmatch game for up to four players locally.